What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy. Everything consists of energy and needs energy to exist. Reiki is an ancient natural healing method that supports the body to self-healing in order to regain balance physically and emotionally. 

The energy goes where it is needed at that moment. That can even be a different place than where you think the energy is needed. Reiki never only works on the symptoms, but looks for the cause of the resistance or blockage. It is therefore possible that an emotional or mental block must first be removed before the physical complaint can be addressed. If the energy can eventually flow properly again, then the body knows how to solve it itself again and only an M.O.T. is needed now and then ;-)

What I regularly hear from clients is that after their first treatment they are less bothered by the outside world, by what others say or do. It affects them, in a positive way, less than before. As a result, they are more relaxed in life, which in return can reduce other, for example, physical complaints 

A pain or complaint can disappear in one go or you can get an insight that can offer solutions. Sometimes you are tired after a treatment and other times very cheerful and energetic. But almost everyone feels a lot calmer and relaxed after a treatment. Sometimes you experience a slight aggravation of the complaint afterwards or old complaints reappear. That is also good, you know that Reiki is doing its work. 

Reiki can also be very valuable in the event of (serious) illness as support for regular medical treatment due to, among other things, stress reduction, improved sleep and pain relief. A few years ago, I gave one of my clients very regular Reiki prior to chemotherapy treatment, which she was then able to undergo very relaxed. She says she owes a lot to Reiki during that time. Here you will find the results of a study on the well-being of people with cancer who have received Reiki.

When a complaint has been present for a while, it will most likely have a deeper meaning and will not be gone after one treatment. Then a more intensive process of several treatments in a short time is recommended. The intensity of the treatment gives the energy more chance to flow freely again. There is more time to be able to become aware, more can come to light. 

The above all sounds very nice, but what Reiki can do for you, you can really only experience it yourself. You are more than welcome!

The Reiki treatment

During the Reiki treatment you will lie on the treatment table fully clothed. If this doesn't work for you or if you don't want this, I can give you a chair treatment. When you lie on the treatment table I put a blanket over you and your head rests on a pillow. There is soothing music playing in the background, but you can also indicate that you want complete silence. Normally I don't talk and you don't have to say anything either so that the treatment is as relaxed as possible.

I will put my hands on different places for several minutes on your body starting with your shoulders. At some places I will hold my hands longer, depending on what is needed.

What you can feel during a treatment is very different per person and can also differ per treatment. You can feel heat, cold, stimulus or tingling, but emotions can also surface such as happiness, sadness or anger. It's never right or wrong what you feel. Try not to judge yourself or your thoughts. Even if you don't feel anything, this is completely fine, you can assume that Reiki will still do its job where it is needed.

I will/may not fill in or pronounce too much after the treatment. You can feel best yourself what has happened and what changes you will observe in the near future. You can take this awareness into your daily life so that you get to know your body and reactions better and can use it preventively to feel better.

Reiki & massage

A Reiki treatment can be combined very well with a massage. During the intake we discuss what you need most at that moment.

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