Relaxation massage

Receiving a massage is first and foremost a great pleasure, but it is also very healthy for body and mind.

Because of the relaxation that arises during the massage, your body can let go and trapped energy can flow freely again. The production of endorphins and oxytocin is also stimulated. These hormones reduce stress and increase your feeling of happiness. Another advantage is that after the massage your body has a good blood circulation again and feels smooth and relaxed.

The undivided attention you receive and the tranquility in which this takes place in an always warm cozy room with quiet music in the background, makes you come back to yourself. 
For a moment, don't give, just receive.

People regularly say after the massage that they have experienced what it feels like to be truly relaxed for the first time in a long time.

In short, enough reasons to allow yourself a regular massage!

The massage can very well be combined with Reiki This gives both the massage and Reiki an extra dimension!

Met het maken van de afspraak hoef je nog niet aan te geven wat je wilt. Tijdens het gesprekje voorafgaand aan de behandeling bespreken we waar je die dag behoefte aan hebt. 

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