About Monique

My name is Monique and on this page you can get to know me a little bit.

After many years of working as an employee, I resigned in September 2022 to get some more rest and to be able to focus more on giving Reiki treatments and massages. In addition to giving these treatments in my practice, I give Reiki as a volonteer once in every two weeks to residents of St. Barbara in Ede. I also enjoy spending time with my husband and (grand)children, hiking, rummaging around the house, water sports, going out for dinner, dancing, receiving a massage myself and watching a series at the end of the day. 

It all started with Reiki

In 2016 I received a Reiki treatment for the first time during a walking event. Despite the fact that the person who treated me really thought that I should do more with Reiki because I had such a nice energy (her words;-)😉) I didn't have that idea at all myself and I let go of the whole idea. However, Reiki had no intention of letting go of me and eventually, after the necessary probably not so coincidental signals, I completely surrendered to it and that's a good thing, because what a beautiful things have come out of it! First I was able to experience myself the benefits of receiving Reiki because I became better in accepting the fatigue that I had felt for decades and therefore felt happier and more relaxed. I was able to feel more what I needed myself and it became easier to ignore expectations (of others and myself). You already get it, that also gave me more and more energy. And also the experiences of clients that I have been giving Reiki since the start of my practice in April 2018 are often so special and positive. I really often ask myself 'how'? Can it really be that simple? And then I realize again and again that the first question is not so relevant and the answer to the second question is simply 'yes'. And that makes me so happy :)
I obtained Reiki 3A (master) during the course of Holistic Therapist, a course in which Reiki is a common thread and where other holistic therapy techniques have been discussed. I have to say that those other techniques were quite interesting, but Reiki was enough for me (and later also massage), so it was a clear choice to let only my hands do the work through Reiki and massage. Which is not to say that there is no room for a good conversations!

And then came the massages

Because I very quickly found out that it is also very nice to pass on positive, soothing energy through massage and because it can be combined very well with Reiki and since my clients completely agree with this, massage is now as important as Reiki in my practice. I have taken several massage courses and will probably continue to do so. Firstly, to be able to continue to give you the best possible massage that is not always the same and secondly, taking all those great courses is simply addictive! I am regularly told that what makes my massages so nice is the peace and attention that is sensible. And let that be my main motivation: giving you a very good feeling with attention! 
Om misverstanden te voorkomen: het is dus mogelijk om alleen een massage te krijgen zonder dat deze gecombineerd wordt met Reiki.

Why the name Nova?

I chose the name Nova because a Nova (Latin for new) is a star that suddenly becomes much brighter. The star was already there, but at first it was so faint that we couldn't see it. I compared myself to that star because I suddenly started to shine more after receiving Reiki and I wish the same for you!

Experience yourself

Wil je ook eens ervaren wat Reiki of een massage gegeven door mij, evt. samen in één behandeling, voor jou kan betekenen? Maak dan een online afspraak of neem please contact me. met me op. Hopelijk tot snel!

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