When not to massage

Despite the healing properties of massages, there may be circumstances in which it is advisable not to massage (certain areas). These circumstances are called general and local contra-indications. It is then not wise to do a massage as the body is busy fighting off a virus or infection and it therefore cannot supply the needed energy to dispose of the bodily waste that’s being released due to a massage. When in doubt, ask your doctor if you may be massaged.

If a massage at this moment is not suitable for you, I recommend a Reiki treatment.


Massages are prohibited in the case of e.g.:

  • Antibiotics (consult your doctor).
  • Antidepressants
  • Hart problems (consult your doctor).
  • Blood thinners (consult your doctor).
  • Medication with a yellow warning label (consult your doctor).
  • First 3 months of a pregnancy.
  • Unknown and extreme pain.
  • Cancer (consult your doctor, in some cases a massage can just the right thing).
  • Furuncles, boils.
  • Generally feeling unwell.
  • Extreme fatigue or exhaustion
  • Contagious skin condition
  • Infections like the influenza, a cold or inflammation of the throat.
  • Extreme physical problems (only after consultation with the practitioner).


It’s better not to massage certain areas in the case of:

  • Acute trauma, injuries, bruises or swelling.
  • Inflammations or tumours.
  • Thickening with an unknown cause.