Wellness massage


Receiving a massage is very enjoyable in the first place but also very healthy for body and mind.

A wellness massage is a calm and light massage that allows the body to relax and let stuck energy flow again. The undivided attention you’ll receive and the calm surrounding, allows you to come back to yourself so your body can heal. Stop giving for a while and embrace what you receive. A wellness massage also stimulates the production of endorphins and oxytocins. These bodily substances lessen stress and increase your feelings of happiness. Another benefit is that your blood circulation is revived and you feel supple and relaxed.

In short, enough reasons to allow yourself a regular massage.

During the massage you keep your underwear on. Those parts of your body that are not being massaged are always covered with a big soft towel. 

The massage can very well be combined with Reiki if you’d like that. I can give you Reiki during or after the massage by letting my hands rest at those spots on your body that need a bit extra energy. During the intake conversation we can discuss what you need and like.