Reiki & massage

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy. Everything consists out of energy and needs energy to exist. Principally every human is healthy but blockages and resistance in the energy system, can cause someone to get ill. In that case Reiki is good technique to reduce or resolve the blockage and resistance so that the self-healing ability of the body can take over.
The therapist passes the energy through his/her hands by placing them on certain parts of the body.

The energy goes there where it is needed the most. This can even be a different area then you might expect.
Reiki never just works on the symptoms but seeks out the causes for the blockage. It’s very possible that first an emotional or mental blockage must be removed before the physical problem can be dealt with.
If the energy can flow freely again, then the body itself is capable of dealing with physical problems and then only some ‘maintenance’ Reiki sessions are needed. 😉

From what I hear from clients is that even after the first session they are not so troubled anymore about the world outside i.e. what others say or do. It doesn’t affect them, in a positive way. As a result they are more relaxed in life which in turn diminishes other- e.g. physical problems.

A pain or problem can be gone or you gain insight in a possible solution. Sometimes you’ll feel tired after a session and another time happy and energetic. But almost everyone feels more at ease and more relaxed after a session.
Once at home, it may happen that you experience a slight deterioration of the problem or that older problems are acting up again. Even that is okay, that’s when you know Reiki is at work.

If a problem is present for quite some time, this will most likely have a deeper meaning which cannot be resolved after one session. Then a more intensive treatment with multiple sessions over a short period of time is recommendable. Due to the intensity of the treatment, the energy has a better opportunity to flow freely and there will be more time for underlying problems to come to the surface.

This all sounds fine off course, but you can only experience what Reiki can do for you if you try it. You are more than welcome!

The Reiki Treatment

During the Reiki treatment you will lay down on the table with your clothes on. If laying down is not possible or you do not want this, the treatment can also be performed when you sit in a chair.
On the table you’ll lay comfortably on a pillow and under a blanket while relaxing music is playing softly in the background (but you may always ask to turn the music off for complete silence).
I will usually not talk during the treatment and you don’t have to talk either so that the treatment can be as relaxed as possible.

I will lay my hands on different positions on your body starting with your shoulders. Depending on the need, I will hold my hands longer on one position than other positions.

What you will feel during the treatment depends per person and per session. You may experience warmth, cold, stimuli or tingling but emotions like happiness, sadness or anger can also arise.
It’s never good or bad what you feel during a session. Do not try to judge yourself or your thoughts. Even if you don’t feel anything at all this is okay. You can expect Reiki to do its work there where it’s needed.

After the treatment I will/may not tell you much of what I think you went through. You are the best person to feel what happened and what changes you will experience in the time to come. You can take this awareness of what’s going on in your body with you and use it in your daily life so you’ll learn how to use it as a preventive measure to make you feel better.

A Reiki treatment can be perfectly combined with a wellness massage. During a short intake we discuss what you currently need the most.

As Reiki- and massage therapist my work is complementary and supporting. That means that you should always consult a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of any illness or disease.