Reiki & massage

Do you also enjoy your hairdresser massaging your head when its being washed? Then you’d also like my head massages. The head is an ideal part to massage because there have so many muscles and nerve endings. The head massage has an effect on all parts of the body and mind and will reduce any stress.

During this massage, your shoulders and neck are also being massaged, as here stress caused by unrest and wrong posture builds up. This massage can therefor lead to a quick an deep relaxation and will reduce the pain in neck and shoulders.

Your face won’t be forgotten by mostly applying soft strokes.

Off course I will adjust the firmness of the massage to your liking!

During this massage of approx. 30 min, you’ll lay on your back on a table with your upper torso covered with a soft towel to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Please be aware that after the massage your hair can be oily and mixed up.

Your face and areas around your shoulders will be cleaned with a warm damp towel, which is a treat in itself!

If possible, wear no or as least as possible make up and put on some comfortable clothes before you come to the practice. You don’t have to present yourself more pretty than you already are for my sake!

The head-, neck and shoulder massage can very well be combined with Reiki. Many clients have stated that this is an ideal combination!

This massage can off course also be combined with the wellness massage and then even combined with Reiki if you’d like.
If you don’t know what treatment you’d like now, then we simply discuss what you want during the intake.