Reiki & massage

My name is Monique Roseboom. I’m married, a mother and grandmother. Besides a Reiki- and massage therapist in my own practice, I’m working as a back office employee at the Radboud Sports Centre in Nijmegen.
Although I’d like to do some things more often, I’d like to go hiking, tidy up the house, doing yoga, go out for diner or dancing, receiving massages and at the end of the day watch a TV series.

During a walking event in 2016, I received a Reiki treatment myself for the first time. Even though the practitioner really thought I should do more with it, I did not at the time.
However, Reiki wasn’t planning on letting me go! If you’d like, I can tell you the whole story during your next visit 😉.
Anyway, I finally went for it which was just what I needed because it made me feel happier and more relaxed. As a consequence my energy level, which had been very low for the last decades, improved. I’d tried many things before to increase my energy level but in the end Reiki was the answer.

In 2018 I obtained Reiki 3A (master level) during my education of becoming a holistic therapist. Reiki was the common thread during this study. As I wanted other people to experience the benefits of Reiki, I started my own practise in April 2018. It was an exciting time but for sure I’m glad I’ve made that step! It’s so special to contribute to the wellbeing of all those remarkable people that visit my practise!

As I soon found out that massages are also a very pleasant way to pass positive and relaxing energy and the fact that massages are easily combined with Reiki and as my clients totally agree with this, massages are now a important part in my practise.

The name Nova (meaning new in Latin) was chosen as a Nova is a star that suddenly shines much brighter; the star was always there but so faint that we couldn’t see it. I compared myself to this star as I was now shining brighter which I want for you too.

Do you want to experience wat Reiki and/or a massage can mean for you then feel free to make appointment. Hopefully I see you soon!