About me

My name is Monique Roseboom. I’m married, a mother and grandmother. Besides a Reiki- and massage therapist in my own practice, I’m working as a back office employee at the Radboud Sports Centre in Nijmegen.

During a walking event in 2016, I received a Reiki treatment myself for the first time. Although I felt more relaxed and clear after this treatment, I wasn’t planning to do more with Reiki. However, my curiosity rose after a while and I decided to enrol in a Reiki-1 course.

After that I experienced a couple of special moments but more importantly, I felt happier and more relaxed and felt even an increase in my energy level which had been too low for decades. I had tried everything before to increase my energy level, but without any success until I experienced Reiki.
As you may understand, Reiki became an important part of my life and I wanted others to experience the benefits of Reiki as well.
As a result I started my own Reiki practice in April 2018.

The name Nova (meaning new in Latin) was chosen as a Nova is a star that suddenly shines much brighter; The star was always there but so faint that we couldn’t see it. I compared myself to this star as I was now shining brighter which I want for you too.

Soon I realized that massages are also a good way to pass relaxing and positive energy and that it is a very good combination with Reiki. Because my clients confirmed this, massage has also become a very important treatment in my practice.

Do you want to experience wat Reiki and/or a massage can mean for you then feel free to make appointment. At least you can expect a one or one and half hour of full relaxation!